Holden 355 HP1 performance stroker engine kit - NON EFI

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Dyno proven performance package…

High performance stroker kits from Scat are designed to transform your 304/5.0L Holden to 355 cubic inch capacity. This is a top quality precision parts kit, we refuse to substitute rubbish parts for price!  

  • Product Line:    Scat    Made in USA
  • Condition:    New
  • Quantity:    Premium parts sold as a set:
    • Part #:    EKH355-HP1-57 Engine kit
    • Part #:    Pistons: SpeedPro or Hypertec Hypereutectic alloy, some with coated skirts
    • Part #:    Rings: Hastings/Speedpro Moly
    • Part #:    Bearings: King/ACL - Main, Conrod and Cam bearings supplied
    • Part #:    Gasket set: AA/Durapro full gasket set with Graphite head gaskets & seals
    • Part #:    Welsh plugs: (10) Brass cup 1-5/8”  (1) Cam plug
    • Part #:    Crankshaft: Scat 9000 cast nodular iron 3.480” stroke, 2.124” c/r journals, rope seal, designed for internal balance
    • Part #:    Conrods:   Scat I-beam, 5.7” long, bushed floating small end, fitted with ARP 8740 bolts, approx 385 grams total
  • Application:    Holden 308, Stroker conversion (pre-VN heads) and (pre-EFI)
  • Application:    Holden  HT, HG, HQ, HJ, HX, HZ, 308- 355 1969- 1980
  • Application:    Holden Torana LH, LX, 308- 355 1974- 1978
  • Application:    Holden Commodore VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, 308- 355 1978- 86
  • Notes:    Dish top 12cc pistons, 10.1:1 comp/ratio with 58cc heads
  • Notes:    Dish top 18cc pistons available, 9.5:1 comp/ratio with 58cc heads
  • Notes:    Flat top pistons with narrow rings are also available with 5.0cc reliefs, 11.0:1 comp/ratio with 58cc heads. (add $85.00)
  • Notes:    Flat top pistons with narrow rings are also available with 8.0cc reliefs, 10.6:1 comp/ratio with 58cc heads. (add $85.00)
  • Notes:    Specify bore size when ordering eg: .030” .040” .060” STD
  • Notes:    Phone for availability on size! We normally stock most sizes.
  • Notes:    Cylinder block must be relieved for clearance on all early blocks, pre VT

“All new parts sold come with full manufacturer’s warranty”

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